Dear All . In new instalation on server Windows 2022 Creatio version 8.08 I cant login on cratio . On login page doesnt hapen any . In browser console I saw error "Error while sending request 
    response status: 404 (Not Found)
    request url: http://localhost:90/ServiceModel/AuthService.svc/Login
    method: undefined
    request data:" 

Please tell me wher is error seting . I any times see instraction in installation and dont find some inforamtion . 

Thanks a lot .

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The issue lies within the components. It's necessary to recheck if everything is correctly installed following the article:…

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Hello Community,

I notice the following behavior on a Creatio cloud instance (Haven't checked it on an on-premises instances, but presume that it must be similar).

Consider a trial instance with the base URI of "" and assume a user has just logged in ie The browser has an active session. 

  1. Navigating to "" forces the login page once again - despite the user session being available in the browser.
  2. Navigating to "" goes to a screen which doesn't load (Creatio loading icon is seen but console throws up numerous errors) -
  3. Navigating to "" throws up a 403 Access denied error . 
  4. Navigating to "" or "…" or any of the actual Creatio pages (Section records etc) recognizes the logged in user session and loads the relevant page. 

It will help to standardize the above, recognize the logged in user session and auto redirect - Especially the different behaviors between #1 and #4. Users could very well bookmark URL #1 and lose the advantage of session tracking. 


Hello Shrikanth,


Yes, the behavior you've described is an out-of-the-box behavior and our core R&D team has a task to enable proper redirects in case the user has an active session in a web browser and tries to reach the links mentioned above. I will let them know about your idea so to prioritize the task for them.


Thank you for helping us to make the application workflow better!


Best regards,


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Hi Community,


Any Idea how can I customize the login page? Is there any available CSS where we can fully customize its appearance.

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Can you please specify your request a bit? What would you like to add or change on the login page?

Thank you!


Bogdan Spasibov,


Hi Bogdan, thanks for your reply.

Is there any available CSS where we can fully customize its appearance?


Fulgen Ninofranco,

Unfortunately, bpm'online does not provide any oob way to modify the login page, except changing the logo picture. 

Of course, if you are using onsite, you may try to modify asp net web forms files that are used for login and are located in Login folder, but it is highly recommended not to make any changes to it due to security reasons,  furthermore, making modifications to it could brake authentication in bpm'online

Best regards,

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