Hi community,


I have the following :



For example, the field "Bois de construction (CHF)" is on two lines. I want to have it only on one line like the field "Portes (CHF)".


Is it possible to do it in a CSS way ?


Many thanks,


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Hi Jonathan,


usually, you can use CSS styles in order to configure most of the fields you would like to.


We have already got a few requests from our users on a similar topic, so you can get familiarized with them by following the links:






Once you will need any further help, please, let us know.


Kind regards,



To add the CSS to the page: https://customerfx.com/article/adding-custom-css-style-sheets-in-bpmonl…

You'll just need to play with the styles to get it to not wrap. Basically, you'll need to adjust the min-width of the div container of the label element (the div with class "label-wrap"), something like this:

div#UsrMyPagec61fd727-5004-4db7-b6a3-38ef6d467de8Container_Label {
    min-width: 20em;


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Hey community !


I'm using Creatio v7.17.3.1377.


I wanted to create a custom CSS for my contact page and I ran into an issue. On the french version on Creatio (fr-FR). So I went to advanced settings -> custom -> add -> module -> LESS and my LESS code isn't recognized :


Although on the English translation everything works fine :


Here are the steps to reproduce the bug :

1. Install the French translation in the system settings -> languages

2. Change your language to French in your profile (You will have to log out and log in for the language to be applied)

3. Click on "Paramètres avancés" (advanced settings) after clicking on the wheel under your profile.

4. Click on "Custom" -> "Ajouter" -> Module


5. Click on "MOINS" (French translation for LESS) and try typing some LESS code (the code shown here is just an example)


That's it !


Best regards,


Julien Gunther




This is out of the box bug that was fixed. Feel free to approach the support team via support@creatio.com for the details on how to resolve it.




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