I am trying to disable the "Complete" button on any user task in a Case if any of the Checklist entries have not been completed for that Case. Does anyone know of a way to achieve this or have any examples ?

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Run a process from the case that carries out the checks (displaying messages if errors) before creating the task?

Gareth Osler,

Thanks for the reply however this assumes the checking should be done when creating a task. I need to be able to intercept the hover over an existing task and at that point check the criteria and either enable or disable the "Complete" button before it appears against the task.

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How are multiple tasks in a step ordered from left to right? And how do I change this order?

They are created by Business Process in this case.



Dear Julius,

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Unfortunately, there are no any basic tools in the system to change the order of the statuses or the tasks. Only development process can help you to change it. As a solution, you can try to change the localization to Arabic or Hebrew. The order of the statuses and the tasks are reversed there. Apart from that, here is the guide on how to reverse the order using the development tools -


Hope this solution will help you out.

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Dean Parrett

Thanks, Dean. We need an option to sort the tasks in a stage propperly in bpm'online.

I have also tried to have them arranged by changing StartTime and EndTime. This does not work. We need a SortingOrder or SortingIndex -parameter on Tasks in bpm'online

Hello Julius,

The tasks are arranged in the order they were added.(Last added => last in list). So, the way how to change is to add them in appropriate way. I recommend to modify business process so that tasks were added in sorted way. 

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Alex_Tim, I solved it by adding some Read elements as fillers. It's not pretty, but it works! Thank you Alex.


We sould have a index parameter for elements for sorting Tasks when they are on the current stage at the same time on the Edit page.

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