Zoom Meeting connector for Creatio - error upon set checkbox


I’m trying to apply such add’on on customer environment but first I would like to test it on trial.


It’s look like all setting are correct (mean Api Key, Api Secret). I have mached Zoom account with current user (my login).


When i try to create zoom meeting (mark checkbox) upon activity creation I faced a error...

42725: operator is not unique: uuid = text

It seems to be postgres error


Where i have to search reason ?




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Hello Marcin,

Kindly specify the Creatio product for which you are trying to apply the add-on. We need this info to reproduce the issue.

Thank you!

Alexander Demidov,



This is a trial env. of Sales Ent. (newest version


To be possible installation of this addon, i have installed before Base_ENU package from other env. which was missing on trial but is required because addon is depend on it. (maybe this is a reason).




Hello Marcin,

We have successfully reproduced your issue and reported it to the responsible team.

We are waiting for the team’s feedback and will notify you of the updates.

Have a good day!

Hello Marcin,


This is to inform you that we have published the updated package on Creatio Marketplace. Please install the add-on and check for the updates.


Thank you for your patience!

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