Word Printable - Add report table inside report table

I am creating a report in creatio using MSWord plugin.

The report contains a main table that is connected to a detail (ParentTable).
Inside the row of ParentTable i have placed another table with specific filters (ChildTable1).


Row 1 - Text 1
      - Child Table 1 content
Row 2 - Text 2
      - Child Table 2 content
Row 3 - Text 3
      - Child Table 3 content


I have checked "Hide the table if it contains no data" for the child table.
When i try to download the report the whole table is hided because one of the ChildTables inside one row had no data.

Does Creatio Word Plugin offer this fetaure (To add report tables inside report tables)? 

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I have discussed your case with the responsible R&D team. Unfortunately, as of now, there is no possibility to implement your business task and we do have the correspondent problem registered on our side. The R&D team is currently working on implementing this new functionality in one of the future releases of the application.

Thank you for helping us to make our application better.

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