Where to find informations about theoric questions

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I'm training to pass the Dev certification and for certain questions, it is really impossible to find the answer and a documentation appropriate to the question.


For example :



After hours of searches in the documentation, I can't really find anything on these questions. These are only examples but there are really too many questions that aren't documented. 


Why just don't give the answers at the end of the tests certifications ? How can we improve without knowing the answers ?


Can you at least tell me where to find the documentation to these questions if you can't give me the answer ?


Thank you.


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Hello Jonathan!

Here are explanations about questions that you mentioned below.

1. "Which of the following tasks can involve implementation

via a DB stored procedure? Select all that apply."

- This question is to check common SQL experience. There are no related articles for this in Academy website. It is expected that developer understands what SQL Stored Procedures are usually used for.

2. Which of the following types of functions

(Terrasoft.Nui.ServiceModel.DataContract.FunctionType enumeration)

are used in DataService? Select all that apply.

-  This questions is intended to hint that developer should use .NET Class Library Reference to find the answer. Here is full list of supported FunсtionTypes:

Our academy team agreed that such question is too deep for beginners. It will be removed in future.

3. Which of the following manager classes exist in Creatio?

Select all that apply.

This question is also too deep for beginners. 

You can find more about ISchemaManager interface here:

We will remove this question from the test, because we don’t have articles explaining need of manager classes and their usage.

4. Which of the following tasks can involve creating DB views?

Select all that apply.

This question is also created to check common SQL experience. We do not have related article in Academy for this.

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