What is the difference between Organization and Division in Creatio?

I've had a look at this documentation, which talks about creating Organizations and Divisions, but I cannot find anything on there or elsewhere which explains what the differences between these are in Creatio - as far as I can see they behave in the same way. Does anybody know what the differences are?

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Im not sure about this. But what I understand is that if you have created an organisation role, then you can still create an organisation role under that. But if you have created a division, then you can create further divisions under that and not organisation.

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In general, an answer provided by Krishna in the comment above is correct. 
Difference between these two types for the system is only in possibility of creating hierarchy from organizational role including other organizations. 
It was implemented for cases, when you have a few separate offices which have different structure so you could correctly configure each role and rights for it. 

In this case you could have 2 separate organizational roles for each office for which different divisions are configured. 

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