way to check who has changed fields in order

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Is there a way to see who has added or modified the fields. in case if the user has added a license in order or an account. What is the way to check? which table should I search for? I can see the last created and modified options in the account table. Just wanted to understand if there is a possibility to check some more extensive information such as who has changed the order status / who has added a product. Thank you in advance.




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Dear Gokul,

You can set up the Change log for this purpose. Here is the guide how how to do it https://academy.creatio.com/documents/administration/7-15/change-log

You will be able to see who and when modified some particular fields. The only thing is that you will be able to track the changes only after the change log is set up. The changes made in the fields before the set up will not be visible. 

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Thank you Dean :)

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