Updated a Business Process from a locked package, But It is not being activated on Target Environment

Hi All,

I have recently updated a condition in approval process which is defined in a third party package by a vendor. It is a small change.

But, When I installed my package in Target Environment. My version of the Business Process is not active. The Old version is still seen Active on the process library.

I have checked the hierarchy of Packages, My package has the highest hierarchy.

I have tried by installing a sql script which updates 'IsActiveVersion' property of old version to false and new version to true in 'sysschemaproperty' table. But the issue still persists.

It has been a long time I am facing this issue. Now I am out of Ideas. Please help.


Thanks in Advance


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Good day,


This sounds like support should take a look into this issue.

Feel free to notify us by sending a message -


Thank you.

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