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Hi all,

     I found the default setting for numeric in Terrasoft.core.enums.SysValue (file sys-values.js). But I can't find the way to update one of them, i.e: CURRENT_MONEY_DISPLAY_PRECISION.

     Because, the control MoneyEdit.js uses it to format its value. If I want to show money value without decimal precision (my currency is Vietnam đồng), I have to update (set decimalPrecision = 0) one by one in every page I need, it takes many time. And, I can't apply it in the section (displayed money value in column's section).


Toàn Mai

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Dear Toan,


Unfortunately, it is impossible to change the default precision for “money” type field, since this setting is saved in one of the core application schema.


Please note that we have notified the development team about your request.


Best regards,


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