Unsubscibre link clicks from SPAM checkers


I'm having an issue with our Creatio bulk emails where we are getting a lot of clicks from spam checkers on our emails, this includes them clicking the unsubscribe link on the emails which then stops the users from being sent future emails.

Is there a way to ignore spam bot clicks or a way for us to add an unsubscribe confirmation instead of it being one click?




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Hi, Mark!

In this situation, unfortunately, we are dependent on email providers. The email providers also receive these clicks from email services, and most of them have spam filters set up to click all the links in the emails.

If you use ElasticEmail then this email provider has the ability to filter responses with clicks from specific IPs. If you are interested in this please contact Creatio support team using support@creatio.com and provide us more details so we could help.

Also our team is working on adding functionality to solve this issue on our end.

Thank you,


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