Unable to run the process

Hi All,

There is a business process created to send the renewal emails.

The process failed in the last step due to email account issue.


We fixed and trying to run the process (just the last step ) - please find the screenshot.

When I select the step and click on 'Run item' , there is no progress. Not doing anything actually.


Is this due to permission issue ? I have system admin access.

Do I need to login as 'supervisor' , the process owner is supervisor.





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Hello Selva,

This issue looks like the element is restarted with the same error. If you change the business process,  the error will be left the same, because the version of the running business process will be left the same too. You have to create a new process instance in order to use the corrected version of the process.
There may also be a problem with the status of the business process, you can't run elements from a canceled process.


There is no change in the business process. The issue was outside of the process which is fixed now.
All we need is, we just need to execute the 'send email' step alone.



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