Track users's logintime and logoff time.

Hi Experts,

Can I track the session login time and session logoff time for all users who login to system, Can I have the result as report or as list (username,logintime,logoff time)



Hello Mohammad,

You can find the necessary information about the user sessions in System Designer -> System User -> Access Rules tab.

Additionally it can be found in the Audit Log

Feel free to build the analytics based on the data from these places.


Hi Lisa,

I have enabled Log user sessions management events system setting. but I am still cannot see anything in the audit log once users log off and log in.

Am I enabling the right one, I am using the sales enterprise (cloud). Do I have to contact support for anything to enable the audit..


Kindly direct me since I am lost in this subject..


Thanks for your support,



Dear Mohammad,

It is possible that the settings are cached in Redis. Please contact support at and request the Redis to be flushed. If that doesn't do the trick, write another email providing us with the URL of your instance and if possible temporal credentials to log in so we could check what's going on there.


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