Timestamp Stage automatically

Hi all,


Could someone please kindly advise:

1. "Timestamp" for Stages similar to Stage in Opportunity Section. 

2. How to measure Interval duration for each stage


Many thanks


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Hello Mid,


We have consulted with our colleagues from the R&D team regarding your case.

Unfortunately, there is no such option. Apart from that, its implementation would require development tools. 

For example, 

The necessary logic according to your business task is implemented on the coreb part "Case Lifecycle" and you can build on the work of this part when developing.

The implementation of CaseLifecycle filling method can be observed in the event process (CaseSaving and CaseSaved) of the Case object from the SLM package.

CaseLifecycle filling method - SaveLifecycle().

To implement the logic, you will need to create two objects - Usr[ObjectName] stages and Usr[ObjectName]history, on the basis of which the detail will be created.

We will also create a case for our R&D team on this matter so it may be implemented in the next releases.

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