Hi all!

I am using the Task element in multiple business processes. The problem is that the activity window does not open once the step is executed. The step in the log remains in the "Running" state until the activity is completed.

Here is the simple process design: https://ibb.co/YZmBz5t

Any suggestions about it?

Thank you

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Dear Uriel,

From the screenshot provided I can see that this task is performed by someone who is read in the "Read data" element. And what will happen if the user whose information we are getting from the "Read data" element is not logged in? Nothing happens, he will only see a notification in the CTI-panel.

Please change "Who performs the task" field value to current user contact and you will see that the page will open for the contact who started the process.

Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Thank you Oscar! I understand but in this case I'm trying with user supervisor who is the owner of the opportunity. In the "Who performs the task" I've set "

#Read Opp Data.First item of resulting collection.Owner#. Do not you think it should work? I tried with current user contact same behavior. The page isn't open




Check in the Activity section if activities are created - I tired to create

similar process and it was working fine. 

Best regards,


Angela Reyes,

Thank you Angela.

The activities are create but I need that the window activity being opened. That is the problem.

Thank you again!


I resolved it , unchecking "Run following elements in the background" in the signal element.

Thank you!

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