SSO Authentication for odata/data service

We have an application to connect and import to bpmonline via either odata or data service. It works well with the usual bpmonline logins.

If we switch to using single sign on(login using windows network login), will there be any changes required to connect and process data using odata or data service? Is there any information/article that can provide further information?


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Dear Allen,

SSO functionality does not affect API or OData integration. SSO changes the process of logging into the system and does not require any modification in integration.

Best regards,

Thank you Angela. When specifying the credentials through the API, should we use the bpmonline login or the windows login?


Allen Dsouza,

Even if the SSO is turned on, bpm'online login will still be possible so we recommend using bpm'online credentials for such integrations. 

Best regards,

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