Show Contacts based on owner by default

Hello Everyone,

Is there a way to show contacts only to their respective owner as by default and not to other users?

Thanks in advance.

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It all depends on the specific requirement:

  1. If you need to display across the system only those contacts created by the users themselves, this can be achieved by configuring record permissions. If you toggle the switch but do not specify any roles, records will only be visible to the users who created them. You can also set up such access rights based on roles.



  2. If you want contacts across the system to be visible only to those set as the Owner of that contact, you can utilize a business process with the "Change access rights" element. Configure it in a way that when the owner changes, all access rights to the record are removed, and only the new owner is added.



  3. If you need to display contacts in a specific field where the owner is the current user, you can use a filtering business rule to display only those contacts where "Owner" = "Current User owner".

Thank you for reaching out!

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