Show all fields in Mobile Activity

Hi Team, 

Im trying to show all the fields specially the Notes in the Activity Preview Page. I have the same code in other entity working but in Activities seams not to be working.

The function is triggered but no others fields are showing. Something have any idea why?




/* globals Activity: false */
Terrasoft.LastLoadedPageData = {
	controllerName: "ActivityPreviewPage.Controller",
	viewXType: "activitypreviewpageview"
Ext.define("ActivityPreviewPage.View", {
	extend: "Terrasoft.view.BasePreviewPage",
	xtype: "activitypreviewpageview",
	config: {
		id: "ActivityPreviewPage"
Ext.define("ActivityPreviewPage.Controller", {
	extend: "Terrasoft.controller.BasePreviewPage",
	statics: {
		Model: Activity
	config: {
		refs: {
			view: "#ActivityPreviewPage"
	 * @inheritdoc
	 * @protected
	 * @overridden
	doChangeField: function(field, newValue, executeRulesCallback) {

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Hi Federico,


I've added the same code on my side and the Notes field appeared in the preview page:

Not sure why this is not working on your side at all. Try recreating a module with the controller from scratch and recycle the app pool after that.


Best regards,


Hi Oscar, I have the notes fileds as a multiline. Can this affect?

Federico Buffa 😀,


Try disabling the multiline attribute for the column and see what happens. Probably it can be the issue.


Best regards,


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