Set permission for add-on



I'd like to set permission for add-on (installed application). 


Anyone can help how can I do it please



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Hello Minh,


It depends on the MarketPlace add-on. Let me explain to you on the SQL Executor for Creatio add-on:

In order to set permission rules you need to go to ‘System Designer’, click on ‘Operation permissions’, and select operation named ‘Access to ‘SQL Console Requests section’ (the code is CanUseSqlConsole).  

Having it done you can add or delete access rights for users and groups of users.


Right after you complete making these settings, please make logout and login into your account again.


Best regards,


Hi Bogdan,


Thank you for your reply,

But I cannot find operation 'Access to' SQL Console Requests section, please see picture

Can I add new operation permission and link it to an addon?


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This operation permission shoud be created automatically after add-on installation. 

Please try to create it manually, if it wasn't created automatically.


Best regards,


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