Set approval to employee's manager

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when adding the approval process element, there is an option for the approval to be sent to the Employee's manager.

After this is selected, one needs to specify a record for the employee.

Problem is that I'm not able to add the Id of the employee or get the approval to be sent to the manager. What is expected to be added in this record?

The id of the employee

The id of the employee's contact

The id of the employee's user?



I've been able to achieve what I want by selecting user, then reading:

->employee->Manager Employee table-> Manager contact table

and adding the contactId of the manager but I would like to get the simple employee manager to work.




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Dear Luis,


Please, refer to this post as it should answer your question:…


Please, let us know if you have any other questions on this matter.


Thank you.

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Hi Ivanna,


Thanks but it doesn't help, it is not the role but the employee manager that Im' trying to setup. I have to explain ot a customer how they can further parametrize these approvals after the project is finished.


There is this feature in creatio that look very straightforward and simple that I cannot get it to work:

1) contact can be employee

2) employee can have manager

3) approval can be sent to manager of employee according to this article:…

I have done all these things and cannot get the approval to be sent to employee's manager.

Question is very simple: if this is selected:


Which Id need to go into here:

 so that the approval get's sent to the employee manager defined here:



I believe I've done everything according to instructions but cannot get the approval to be sent to the manager.







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