Searching Through Attachments

I imagine it is not likely that this is possible, but I did have an employee ask if there is away to run a search in Creatio that searches the contents of attached documents? Is there any such feature?

For example, if you attach a Microsoft Word document to the attachments detail of a case, then run a global search on a word that is in that document, will it return that as a search result?

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There is a marketplace add-on that does this:


Hello Mitch,

Our R&D team has a task in "Planned" status registered on their side regarding full text search in files using Global Search feature. Currently the workaround is to use marketplace app Ryan provided you with. I will also make sure our R&D team could know about your community question so it could raise the priority of the problem.

Thank you for helping us to make our application better!



Oscar Dylan,

That's great news Oscar, thanks for the info.


Ryan Farley,

Oscar Dylan,

Thank you both!

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