Restricting Attachment access

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I tried to restrict attachment access for the contacts via a process in certain conditions or via object permissions when a document is created from a specific role. I am not successful, should this work ?


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Hi Franck,


As for the "Attachments and notes", in case you need to set the restrictions only for one specific section such as Cases, then you need to set up the object permissions only for one specific object related to this section, such as "Attachments and notes detail object in Cases section". However, in case you'd like to set the same permissions for all the sections/objects attachments, then there will be a need to specify the corresponding object permissions for all the objects/sections (you can filter the needed objects directly in the "Object permissions" with a key-word "attachment").  


As usual, you will be able to set up record permissions there as well (the permission mechanism is based on the record authorship):…


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