Restrict create, edit and delete access for a user

Dear Community,

I want to restrict create, edit and delete access to a user to set of countries across the sections. for example, a particular user can create, modify or delete records in contact, account or activities for a set of countries defined. please guide me in implementing the same.

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Dear S Gokul Aditya!


Thank you for your question!


In fact, this behavior can be easily implemented by assigning an Organizational Role for those users, who would have limited access to sections and\or objects.

You may find more information on how to establish Organizational Roles here, by our Academy Article:…


Your next step would be setting up Object permissions for a newly created Organizational Role.

Please find more information here:…


By successfully creating an Organizational Role and applying the correct Object permissions for them you would be able to restrict a certain group of users, that consist in that created Org. Role above, to operate with certain Objects!


Hope this was helpful!


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