Required Business Rules in mobile setup configurations.

Hi Team,

I am trying to apply business rules in my configuration setup but nothing is reflecting.

Please find my code below:


Terrasoft.sdk.Model.addBusinessRule("UsrStudent", {
    ruleType: Terrasoft.RuleTypes.Requirement,
    requireType : Terrasoft.RequirementTypes.OneOf,
    events: [Terrasoft.BusinessRuleEvents.Save],
  conditionalColumns: [
       {name: "UsrRegistered", value: "d25f3bbc-d567-425b-be2a-ca9ac69d3759"}
    triggeredByColumns: ["UsrRegistered"],
    columnNames: ["UsrRegistered"],
  dependentColumnNames: ["UsrId"]


1 Please let me know what are the changes required in that code so that I am able to require one field on the basis of other fields.

2. The code with the conditional column is not working.



Please help.


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We checked the code but there are no obvious errors in it. Can you please double-check everything again according to the Academy Article.

Also please verify if you connect the code with the page correctly in the manifest.


Best regards,

Bogdan S.

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