Remove require field for mobile OTB

Hi Team, 


There is any way to remove the OTB require BR for Activity>Title?


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 Hi Federico,


Please create a JS module in configurations ("Module" option in the "Add" drop-down) and call it "UsrRemoveBasicActivityTitleBusinessRule" (title and code). Then specify the following code in this module:


Terrasoft.sdk.Model.removeBusinessRule("Activity", function(rule) {
    		if (rule.getTriggeredByColumns()[0] == "Title" && rule.getRuleType() == Terrasoft.RuleTypes.Requirement && rule.getName() == undefined) {
        		return true;
    		} else {
        		return false;

After that save the module and open mobile application manifest schema of the workplace you are using (in my case it was MobileApplicationManifestDefaultWorkplace). Add the "UsrRemoveBasicActivityTitleBusinessRule" module into the "ModelExtensions" array of the "Activity" model:

Save the manifest and relogin to the mobile app. Basic rule will be removed:

Please also note that I've made the "Subject" column non-required in the "Activity" object from the "Custom" package as well:

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