Refresh Freedom UI page from a business process



We want to refresh a Freedom UI page from a business process.

This process is triggered when a field has been modified and will do some calculations.

After that, the page should be refreshed.


In Classic UI, there was an add-on in the Marketplace of it could be fixed with sending a message from a script task which was processed by a method in the javascript page.


Is this still an option in Freedom UI? Or is there another solution?


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You can see how to do this for a Freedom UI page here…

That article shows how to receive the message, the article links to another article that shows how to send the message from the process. As for refreshing the page once you get the message, see…

Also, just to point out, this sort of thing won't be necessary in 8.0.7, which is due out soon. There will be a built in way where you can set an option in the object for it to auto refresh called "Enable live data update". Checking this will handle the sending of the message and refreshing any UI bound to the object automatically when the object is modified in processes etc.


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