Recurring activities scheduler for Creatio

Good day!

Tried to set up your application on our system. But unfortunately, there were errors. Nothing happens when you save the settings for a recurring activity. Activities are not duplicated (although there is no error).

Maybe not all categories can use them?

please contact me and help)

Thank you)

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This package in the marketplace is for MSSQL systems only. If this is a could system it's most likely a Postgresql system, not MSSQL. The package will install on a Postgresql system, but won't work (and I believe doesn't show any errors). Do you know if the system it's installed on is MSSQL database or not? 


Seems bizarre there is no Postgres support given most Creatio cloud environments run on this.

Lewis Pull,

I agree. This would be a very useful add-on. I would love to see this work with new systems (actually should be added as a base part of Creatio)


Hi Yana, Ryan and Lewis,

The developer does not have plans to add PostgreSQL compatibility. Therefore, we decided to remove this add-on from the Marketplace.

Also, we have sent feedback to our R&D team about including such functionality in Creatio out of the box.

Irina Lazorenko,

Hi Irina, do you know if there are any plans for this agreed? This is a feature we would really benefit from.

Very bizarre that this is not a standard feature within any CRM to be honest.

@Irina Lazorenko, any plans to implement this?

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