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hi all, 


i created the ML Model and created the business process 

my ML Model is product in order and products appear in while the order status reach in progress or completed 


in contacts section record i can't find recommended products detail so is there any settings to enable it or creating the detail from scratch ?  and also if from scratch i must create the object of the detail or the detail exists and just create a detail and make connection ? and last thing if the detail exists what is the connection in detail configuration (where detail column - equals to page column) ?


thanks all 

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Dear Ibrahim,

There is no default Recommended product detail. It is necessary to create it manually from the scratch and use it in the prediction model.

Here is the guide on how to create the new details.

It is just necessary to create the detail with the same name and fields.


Here are the settings of the new columns in your detail:

Recommended to - Contact lookup based on Contact object

Recommended object - Product lookup based on product object

Probability - new integer field

ML model - ML model lookup field based on ML model object

Prediction date - new date field

As for Object field in the model settings - select your created detail in it.

Best regards,

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