Read Sandbox Message from same page that Published it

Is there a simple way to read a message from the sandbox that was previously published in the same detail page? I am publishing a message in the rowSelected function, and I would like to read it in the unSelectRow function. Or do I have to create a second sandbox message to go the reverse direction?



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Hello Heather,


Thank you for reaching out.


Could you please clarify what you exactly mean by the sandbox and explain what business task you want to achieve? 


Thanks in advance!


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You would need two messages defined for this since it does not allow having the same message in both publish and subscribe mode on the same client schema.

However, it would be a bit unnecessary to subscribe to a message being published by the same client schema (since it's already in the same scope) - unless this message is also being published from elsewhere outside of the detail as well (or maybe I am misunderstanding what you've described?).


Ryan Farley,

Yes, thanks. I realized I could access the information I needed from within, so I didn't need the circular message. Thanks to both of you.

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