Read Managers of an Organizational Role in a Business Process

I have a business process that, when in a Case the Assignees Group is set, must send an email to the Manager ot that group.

The Assignees Group is an Organizational Role where we set a Manager User (see image: for "Team Engineering" group the manager is contact "VAR").

Our Business Process must read the Manager of the Assignees Group of the case so we can send an email.

I didn't find the objects to obtain the needed informations in "Read data" elements in our Business Process.

Please.. can somebody help me?

Thank you

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Dear Massimiliano,


Due to the system architecture, it is not possible to read this data via the business process. Instead, you can create as many flows as Assignees Groups, specify manager role for each assignee group role and send an email via script task as described here:…


Best regards,

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