Project Tasks listed in Project Detail section


I have the Project detail section included on one of my Account tabs, so that users can see all current and past projects we have worked on with that customer.

The issue is that his Project section detail list includes Project Tasks as well as the Project, where I only wish to display the Projects. I cannot find a way to filter out the Project Tasks from this display and the simple workaround of displaying the Project Task Type in the output is not great, as this only allows the user to identify and not remove. The live filter option is a one time thing and would mean a user has to create the filter each time they load the page up, which is not efficient.

How can I have this only showing Projects?




Dear Mark, 

You can add a filter to the detail in code of this detail. Here is the example of how to do this (you can ignore the part of reading the MasterDetailRecordId and just adjust the filter part to your needs):

Best regards,

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