Process didn`t start on time. Why?

I have simple process and it didn`t start on time. Also in some case it still Running. Why it happen?


Also last month, this process did not start on time and is still Running:


How I can fix it?

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As for the business process in the "Running" status - it happens since you have the script task that is still running (performing actions due to the logic specified in this script task), so that's why the whole process is in the "Running" status as well.


As for starting the process in time: a delayed start can happen in case there are many tasks in the scheduler. You can simply modify the value of the quartz.threadPool.threadCount parameter in the root Web.config file (described here) from the default 5 to 10 and after that the process should run in time. In case you have the on-site application you can simply do it due to the recommendations in the article, but in case it is cloud based app please email us at and provide us with the name of this app and we will do it.


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