Problem with section and details on mobile application

Hi community,


We implement a user action on "Ocorrências" section that give us our current location and set "imdEndereco" with our coordinates, as you can see on the "Screenshot_1.png".

Also, we created "Serviços" section with detail "Ocorrências" ("Screenshot_3.png") and we successfully establish connection between them. When we tried to create a new record on that detail, our action return our coordinates but cannot successfully set "imdEndereco". ("Screenshot_2.png")


Any sugestions on how can we resolve this problem?


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,

Pedro Pinheiro

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Dear Pedro, 


As discussed in the support case, the issue occurred because the imdEndereco was not in the QueryConfig columns and there was an issue with variables not explicitly converted into string type. 

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