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have some questions about printables.

I have specified conditions for filtering record for printable. Until I select any record printable is inactive (unable to select it from PRINT list). Does it work only that way? Is it possible to make it active without selecting records as I have filtering conditions.

One more question. When I select several records and choose my printable I receive as many files as records selected. Is it possible to have only one file instead of several?

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The system cannot recognize what has to be printed. Thus, it is necessary to click on the record in the section, so that it would be selected in the section list and the report button will become active.


As for one printable instead of multiple ones, unfortunately, it is not possible to implement your business task using custom methods of printables at the moment.

Word printables are uploaded this way: 1 document per 1 section entry.

Our development team already has a registered issue with your question. We have registered your idea of ​​unloading Word Printables on several section records and it may be implemented in future releases.


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Yuliya Gritsenko

Yuliya Gritsenko,


Maybe it is possible to implement my business task with fast reporting?




FastReport functionality is not supported starting from version 8.0.3.

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