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Hi team,

is it supported the multi edit page feature on portal case page?

I created two different edit page for case for portal section but it doesn't work.

What Am I doing wrong?

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Hello Stefano, 


Yes, such feature is available for the portal case pages. 

Edit pages can be added and configured directly from the Section Wizard:


If the issue occurs for the specific portal user or role, I would suggest to double-check the access rights for such users.

Should you have any additional questions, please let us know. 


Best regards,


Anastasiia Zhuravel,

Hi Anastasiia

I created 2 edit pages based on the category field.

The weird thing is that if I remove the block element "Response container" and "Solution container" from edit page 1, the same changes appear on edit page 2

Stefano Bassoli,


The issue may occur if the edit pages were created incorrectly, for example directly from the configuration and have incorrect dependencies.  I would suggest to re-create anew the edit pages directly from the Section wizard.
If the issue persists, please contact us at support@creatio.com so we could investigate the issue from our side. 


Best regards,


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