Pop Up Box using Web Socket Issue


I have a custom button which when clicked brings up an pop up box on screen. I have used the web socket mechanism which gets triggered when the button is clicked. 

The issue is sometimes the pop box does not get generated after clicking the button, however after refreshing the browser page (hard reload/empty cache), the pop box starts generating again on the button click.

I want to know how to make sure the input box gets generated every time the button is clicked without having to refresh the page.


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You need to debug the logic of the popup formation upon the button click when the issue reproduces and find out what exactly is not triggered that prevents the popup formation.


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Hi Oscar Dylan,


Currently on the button click, a business process will send a message and upon receiving of the message, the popup box is getting generated on screen.

But sometimes on the button click, the process is executed successfully but the popup is not generated.

The business process is containing a script task element which is sending a message from server to client. 




then how to add pop-up dialog box when clicking the button


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