Pivot table. Month comparing to previous year % totals



We calculate Total of sales for each month per customer. And we want to compare it to the Total of sales for the same month previous year.

Now we do this calculation in VIEW and display numers in pivot table.


But how can we display % of changes between current and previous year for totals?

This is how Excel does this. Can Creatio do that somehow as well? 


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  Hi, Vladimir,


Sorry, but we don't know if it can even be achieved using additional front-end development. The only solution we can think of is adding a column to the view you already use where the calculation will be performed automatically and displayed in the pivot table.

Sergii Zhmurko,

Thank you. A column with % will be summarized in totals, so it will show incorrect value.

Hope to see calculated fields in Creatio pivot tables (similar to Excel functionality) in future versions

Kind regards,


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