Pass parameter from one page to another in Freedom UI

Hi Team,


To provide some context, I have three objects - A, B and C. Object C acts as a linking object between A and B


Currently, I have a page (object A) with detail (object C) on it. By clicking on "Add" button I open separate page (object C), that contains list (object B) with multiply selection. I need to filter out the records in list, that already exists in detail. After that I need to create records in object C using the selected records from list, along with the passed Id from the page (object A).


So, I have two questions:

1) How can I pass the Id from the page (object A) to page (object C), in order to filter out records in the list.

2) How can I filter out records (object B), that already exists in detail (object C).


I have successfully implemented it in Classic UI, but I'm unable to replicate it in Freedom UI due to the absence of a Sandbox

Like 1




It could be achieved only with development tools.

Unfortunately, we don't have the exact examples of how to implement your business task, 


But you can try to check the article on how to filter a Lookup on a Creatio Freedom UI Page and change the code according to your needs:…

You can also try to use Javascript's built-in Broadcast Channel API instead of the sandbox. See


Ryan Farley,

There is a way to use Broadcast Channel API  from freedom UI to Classic?

Found it: this works for me

subscribeSandboxEvents: function() {
					const bc = new BroadcastChannel("MyMessage");
                    bc.onmessage = async (event) => {
                        const MyObject =;


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