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If we set a campaign to end “at the specified time” and there are new participants who haven’t moved through all the steps by the time they reach the “end date”.

Will those participants continue to move through the campaign but no new participants will be added? Or will all activity on the campaign hit a hard stop?

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Hello Kavian,

The new participants who haven’t moved through all the steps by the time they reach the “end date” will not continue to move through the campaign. So the activity on the campaign will stop

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Thanks for the clarification.


What is best practice if you want to end one campaign and e.g. start a new one for the same audience?

I my case, the first campaign was a small one, we have now created a new one that is more  comprehensive, but it is has the same entry point.

We do still want the active participants from the first Campaign reach the end of the flow they are in...any way to maually add/move this audience from Campaign 1 over to Campaign 2?

Veronica Sagbakken,


Let's imagine you have a folder with Contacts who took part in "Test campaign 1". There were 2 Contacts: 

Then you create a new Contact folder for "Test campaign 2" and with advanced filter add all Contacts from previous Campaign and also manually add new Contacts who will also take part in new Campaign:

The filter will look like this: 

Here 0 and 1 are contacts from 1st Campaign. Supervisor is the new one who will be added to 2nd.

So you will group all contacts from "Test campaign 1" plus new contacts and as a result you will add all of them to "Test campaign 2" folder.

Then just add new updated folder (to the Campaign 2 settings) which contains all contacts from "Test campaign 1" and new contacts:


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Bogdan L.

Thanks, Bogdan!

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