Organizational Roles and Access rights

Hi All,


i have a question regarding our client Organizational roles,

so basically we already have an organizational roles and based on this organizational roles and structure, we already setup our client object permissions.


so there are many existing lead and opportunity with this organizational access rights.


then our client decide to change their organizational roles, means we need to remove some of the organization and create a new one.


my question is:

whats gonna happened with our existing data? what happened with their access right?


IF some of the users will change from the old organization to the new organization, what will happened with their previous data?


thanks all,


hope someone can give me an advic, good day.

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Dear Jordy,


If we are talking about the record permissions, then the users will not be able to see/edit/delete records if the role is deleted.

For example, I have a default Finance organizational role. The users who belong to it can see the contacts. If I delete Finance role, the correspondent role records from SysContactRight table will be also removed and as the result my users will not be able to see the contacts.

I'd suggest to create the new role firs, assign it to these users, update the records permissions after assigning the required rights and only then remove the old organizational role. It will prevent the users from loosing the ability to see/edit/delete the records.

Apart from that, you can test such actions on the website copy prior making any changes in the production environment.  



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