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How do I remove an OOB entity event?


I have created a replacing object of an OOB entity. When inserting a record its runing an event to automatically fill the name field of this entity. How can I remove this event, or prevent it from runing?


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Roman Rak,


Thank you for you response, but that posts are not usefull. 
I need to know how to overwrite this event: 

I did search in the academy, but I didn't find anything on how to do this for version 7.18.2

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Hi Javier, 

Could you please elaborate a bit on your business task? 
Could you please also elaborate on what do you mean by "Overwrite"? 

Looking forward to your prompt response. 

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Hi Javier Collazo,

If you click on the Open process (top of the screenshot, the 3rd button), the event process will be open and you can see when the lead is saved, a function called LeadSaved will be called.


The function has a declaration virtual. What you can do is create a replacement object in your custom package for the Lead object. Open the event process from the create object, go to the same method tab and define:

public override void LeadSaved()

In this case, your can apply your own logic.


Hopefully, this will help your.



Cheng Gong

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