OData tolower method not supported


I'm using bpm'online OData service to filter the account collection.

It looks like that the tolower function is not supported.

I'm using bpm'online 7.14.




Any idea how to add tolower function to the supported functions list.


Thank you


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Unfortunately, bpm'online doesn't support the tolower function of work with the OData protocol strings. However, it's possible to use the toupper function instead.

According to the <edmx:DataServices /> element in the metadata, the bpm'online OData implementation is version 3.0, however, I've found that it doesn't always match up to the 3.0 spec (I'm not sure if that's the version that bpm'online officially claims their OData API implements). I don't really have any answers as to what is or isn't implemented. As Alina mentioned, toupper does work.

However, also worth pointing out, by default bpm'online OData string filters aren't case sensitive anyway. Using "Name eq 'Our company'" and "Name eq 'OuR COMpAnY'" both return the same record with the name "Our company". 


Thanks. I have changed it to toupper and its working.

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