Obtain data about current business process from Freedom UI page


I have a freedom UI FormPage, which may be opened from Business process (Open edit page element). I want to override Cancel button handler in such way that to cancel current business process. I need to know process id (SysProcessLog table) or process element id (SysProcessElementLog table). How could I obtain them in Freedom UI? For example in Classic UI edit page there was dedicated attribute called ProcessData. I looked through request.$context and didn't find anything similar.


Creatio version is 8.1.2

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To find information, you can read the data from SysProcessData, more information which contains the interrelationship between the process instance and the subprocess, the relationship to the process scheme, the relationship to the process scheme element if the instance is a subprocess, and the current status of the process instance. Also, the internal state of the process is a snapshot of the values of the parameters at times when the process elements are executed.


Also, this article could be useful:



Kyrylo Atamanenko,

Thanks for an answer. But to read all those information I need to know Id of an element being executed. For example in Classic UI it is obtained like 


const processElementUId = this.get("ProcessData").procElUId;

And the question is there analogue in Freeom UI page?

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