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I entered the application with "ipedraza" user, I created a case and then I published a news item in it as the image shows

Then,I enter with the user "pjarab", who has access to the case and who follows the news of the case. If I click on the News button in the communication panel, I see what was published in the case,

but I would like an alert or notification to be sent to me to notify me beforehand, only the news but no notification appears. How could I do it?

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Dear Ezequiel,

There are two separate buttons connected to the feed in the communication panel - the upper one is for the Feed and the lower one is for the Feed notifications. The user can see the posts made in the record he subscribed to when he clicks on the upper ('Feed') button. This one doesn't support the indicators at all, meaning there is no option for the number in a circle to appear near it.

There is a workaround you can use to receive a notification in described scenario, though. The messages themselves are stored in 'Message/Comment' object, the notifications in 'Reminding', the information about the subscriptions in 'SocialSubscription'. You need to make sure that every time the new record is added to 'Message/Comment', the data is added to 'Reminding' using the selection by 'SocialSubscription'.


Dear Lisa!

Thanks for your response.

I made a business process to resolve what you told me. At this moment I am trying to notify a particular user about the publication in a case. But i can not put a link to the case in the notification. The link appears in the description but does not go anywhere. How could i do this?

I show below the configuration of the notification

I hope you can help me!



Dear Ezequiel,

You can use the functionality of out-of-the-box notifications (like the one when the user was assigned to the case or tagged in the feed) as an example for your development as the desired logic is already implemented there.


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