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Hey Everyone, 


I would like the user to be able to add multiple notes that are time stamped, within the opportunities modules. 


It's actually the functionality of the "feed" that I am after. But I don't want each feed post/note to be shared + It would be good to change the placeholder text to something rather than 'What are you working on".


Would it be possible to change this just for one module? With/without dev help.


Thanks all. 

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Hi Mark,


To change the "What are you working on message" you need to create a replacing module for the "SocialFeed" module (for example with the code below):

 define("SocialFeed", [], function() {
		return {
			methods: {

and then find the WritePostHint localizable string and modify its value. After the new schema is saved and the page refreshed you will get a new message (but please note that it will be done for all feed containers in all pages). If you need this change to be applied only to one section feed then the logic of the "SocialMessageEdit" element's "placeholder" property should be modified (in the same "SocialFeed" module).


As for different feed posts visibility and sharing: it's a better approach to use feed channels instead of posting into some record feed in case you need to not display every single feed post in the record. The feed itself was designed to leave comments on the workflow or tag someone in the record. Or you can try enabling record permissions for the "SocialMessage" object (that stands for feed messages) and create some business process that automatically distributes access rights based on some conditions.


Best regards,


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