Modules look different in preview modes

Greetings Creatio community,

I created a module within the email design platform of Creatio. When previewing the email in desktop and mobile mode, I noticed the images for the Google play and Apple App Store in mobile view are way off. 

Is there a reason why this is happening? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



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The display of images in a mobile depends on the template styles. This may be due to the fixed size of the images. Unfortunately, the content designer does not allow you to configure the mobile version separately, so we recommend checking the CSS styles of the content block with these images. The only thing to do here is to experiment with the template itself (width, font, etc. in the block/section/column settings) and see how this is displayed in the mobile app.

We have already registered this problem for our development team and the issue has been prioritised thanks to your request. 

You can also contact technical support at for a more detailed analysis. 


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