Mobile Detail List View is Sorted by Embedded List is not


I am trying to sort list in Mobile.

I was able to sort Detail List, the list located in Section > Related/History Tab, but the sorting algo won't take effect in the Section List and Embedded Detail.

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What am I missing here? Is sorting only available for Related/History Tab detail list?

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I was able to make it worked but only for Classic Mobile UI.

I need something like Terrasoft.sdk.RecordPage.configureEmbeddedDetail that will work for Freedom UI in mobile.

Hello Solem Khan,

1. Prepare JSON sorting config:

"sortingConfig": {
    "default": [
         {"columnName": "Name", "direction": "desc"}

2. Prepare diff for viewModelConfig. Actually, add sortingConfig to viewModelConfig → attributes → Items → modelConfig.


3. Add this diff to scheme. For instance, open scheme MobileFUIUsrSectionGridPageSettingsDefaultWorkplace and add diff to section with name = "settings" in block values (in “stringified” format):

"viewModelConfigDiff": "[{\"operation\":\"insert\",\"name\":\"Attribute_Items_SortingConfig\",\"parentName\":\"Attribute_Items_ModelConfig\",\"propertyName\":\"sortingConfig\",\"values\":{\"default\":[{\"columnName\":\"Name\",\"direction\":\"desc\"}]}}]"

If it’s needed to sort by several columns, set configs in “default“ property like this:

"viewModelConfigDiff": "[{\"operation\":\"merge\",\"name\":\"Attribute_ContactCareerDetailV2EmbeddedDetail_SortingConfig\",\"values\":{\"default\":[{\"columnName\":\"StartDate\",\"direction\":\"desc\"},{\"columnName\":\"Primary\",\"direction\":\"desc\"}]}}]"

Best regards, Anhelina!

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