Message mechanism not working when application is accessed through LB


We have an implementation where we are handling external API integration responses through messaging mechanisms to show in UI. Also, we have 3 application nodes clustered in web farm and are accessed via Load Balancer.

We are getting the messages in UI properly when the application is accessed from each node. But, when the application is accessed from Load balancer, we are not able to receive any messages in UI.

We even tried to bring down 2 nodes and run the web farm with only one node, still the messages are not recieved in UI.

Please feel free to comment if any of you have any suggestions / views on this.


Thanks in advance.


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Hello Halludeen, 


Thank you for your post! In order to provide you with a proper suggestion, we kindly ask you to contact us at with a detailed description of your issue. We will involve our developers to assist you in this matter.


Thank you in advance!

Hi Olga Avis,

Thanks a lot for replying. The issue was identifed at the Load Balancer as the WebSocket Profile was missing. On fixing the WebSocket Profie, we were able to publish and subscribe messages successfully.


Thanks again !




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