Making "all" Creatio fields visible in Zapier

Zapier to Creatio connection went well.

However when creating a zap between LinkedIn and Creatio, only some Creatio fields are visible. - We cannot see / connect in Zapier to all the fields we know are in fact within Creatio.


In Creatio we have a name field. We can see this in Zapier

In Creatio, we have social media field. However we cannot see this connection in Zapier

How can we alter the Zappier connection to see all fields we have in Creatio?

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Hi Mark,


The Zapier connector only lets you integrate out-of-the-box fields of Accounts and Contacts sections. The 'Social media' field is not available in base Creatio products.

Ivan Leontiev,

Hi Ivan, Thanks for your help..

Is there any work around. All we want to do  is to have a field to

1) categorise the lead, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. for easy filtering and reporting in Creatio

2) have a field capture a profile

Two fields. Currently Zapier ONLY lets us-name, job title, phone, email, notes and account. (notes is already used). I am sure there are more out of box fields, but Zapier is not letting us see these. see Any suggestions?

Mark Houllier,


Hi Mark,

I think Creatio Zapier integration is still in the beta stage. It has limited actions and triggers.
You can go further and use Zapier Run Code Action to call Creatio REST API to create Lead / Contact with all the available data from Linkedin.

Here is the Zapier documentation for code actions in javascript:

Mark Houllier,

What I have done is create my own webhook. I wire up the webhook as the receiver of the zap in Zapier and the webhook uses OData to pass the data along to Creatio. It's a pain, especially since you have the host the webhook somewhere, but at least you can make it work with any object & columns in Creatio.


Mohamed Ouederni,

Thank you Mohaamed, I will look closer into your suggestion.

Ryan Farley,

Thanks as well Ryan I'll pass your information on.

Hi Mark,


Thank you for the detailed description of your business goals. I have forwarded your feedback to the relevant team.

Ivan Leontiev,

What's the roadmap for the Zapier connector?
Can you share more information?

Hi Mohamed,



The team in charge of the connector is currently fixing some errors. They are also planning to develop an option to import lead data to Creatio.

Hi Ivan, Its a great connector, as feedback for development it will certainly be significant help to the connector 'connect' to more than name, email, phone and notes etc. Personally, I propose the connector, connects in addition =>, 'lead source', from out of the box OR can see and identify the customer created fields. Any further fields that allows easy filtering. Thanks for help.

Hi Mark,


Thanks for the feedback. We have relayed your response to the responsible team.

Any News on the development of the Creatio / Zapier Connector ?

Hi Damien,

This is to inform you that the Creatio Marketplace has a new version of the Zapier connector. This updated connector provides the ability to create workflows with any columns of Creatio sections and details.

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