Make task roles visible at the bottom of portal side tasks

Hi, community, Is it possible to make visible, on the side of the portal, the name of the roles or the person responsible at the bottom of the tasks, as I show in the following image (Imagem1_0)? With a normal user, I can see the role (Imagem2), but with a portal user, I can't, but on the portal side I have the role task visible (Imagem3).

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Hi Andreia,


You can try executing this query in the database and relogin to the app under the portal user after that:


insert into "AdminUnitFeatureState" ("SysAdminUnitId", "FeatureId", "FeatureState")
values ('720b771c-e7a7-4f31-9cfb-52cd21c3739f', '652fd2d5-0cc3-4a63-aab4-87597c362608', 1)


but in the query above FeatureId should be replaced with an Id of the feature (from the "Feature" table) with the UseFastLoadDcmActionDashboard code. This feature controls if the activity owner name should be retrieved by the BatchQuery sent to the server when the actions dashboard is loaded:

In case it's disabled you won't be able to retrieve the owner name to set in the owner container of the activity item in the actions dashboard. Enabling the feature for portal users worked in my demo app so it should also work in your app as well. Additionally check if your portal user has access rights to the contact record that should be displayed in the activity item in the actions dashboard.

Hello Oleg,


Thank you so much for the clarification!

It works.


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